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Chimay Beer and Cheese Pairing Notes


I love Belgian beers. They’re delicious, rich, and high in alcohol. After a few elegant sips the drinker sinks into a thick, happy stupor.

I’m currently enrolled in the Introduction to Cheese course at George Brown College, as part of their Professional Fromager Certificate program. Moving into the fifth of six classes, I have to present a particular cheese to the class. Naturally, I gravitated toward Belgian cheeses, because I’m 1. awesome and 2. type A, meaning that I can’t wait to bring in beer to share with the class as part of the presentation. Getting buzzed in class to earn a better grade, it’s win-win.
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Party Alert: Why you should be excited for BrOktoberfest this weekend


This Sunday, September 29, BrOktoberfest is back. The shindig is organized by Brock Shepherd, founder of Kensington Brewing Company, and hosted by everyone’s favourite drinking buddy, Kevin Brauch. There’ll be less traditional German fare in favour of Canadian craft beers, sausages by Cuban pop-up Completo and life-sized Jenga. In addition, BrOktoberfest will be your first opportunity to try KBCo’s new beer, Tilt, a sessionable beer that seamlessly attaches tropical flavours to the hops to make a balanced and unique brew.

It all sounds too good to be true, so I sent Brock a few questions to help me wrap my head around the concept of the event – and, of course, to get all the insider info on Tilt.
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