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Gallery: Provisions Catering “Chef’s Charity Almanac Dinner”

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February 24, 2014: Held at Loft404, Provisions Catering brought together an all-star lineup of chefs for an intimate dining experience benefitting The Stop Community Food Centre. Additional event volunteers included service staff from Splendido, Woodlot and Bar Isabel.

5 Reasons You Need To Watch the Wahlburgers TV Show


This Valentine’s Day, I’m writing a love letter to my new favourite show: Wahlburgers.

REASON #1: They’re blatantly manipulating you into wanting to be their customer, and it’s working. Continue reading

Chopped Canada S1E1 Review


The credits begin! Chefs spin, smile, panic! Celebrity judges spit out soundbites, like Anne Yarymowich noting, “That was quite bland.” And, apparently, she wasn’t just speaking about the episode we’re about to watch unfold.

We’re greeted first by Dean McDermott and his old bags. No, I’m not talking about Tori Spelling. Seriously, the guy looks more sleepy than I feel after listening to Michael Smith’s voice. Continue reading

Chopped Judge Showdown: Which Celebrity Chef’s Restaurant Will Prevail?

As much as I am a devotee of the Food Network, I do recognize that there is one serious flaw to food television. Though you can watch the dishes being created, hear the sizzle, identify every spice and technique going into it, you’re not able to taste the dish. Judges’ commentary and your imagination only go so far (the same can be said for reading someone else’s food writing, of course). And so, becoming a fan of a TV chef seems almost silly, as your affection can only be based on their personality and speaking ability, not who you know from experience cooks the most delicious meal.

In an attempt to justify my almost irrational fandom of Iron Chefs Alex Guarnaschelli and Geoffrey Zakarian, as well as Top Chef Masters winner Marcus Samuelsson, I used part of my recent trip to New York City to visit their respective restaurants: Butter, Red Rooster and The Lamb’s Club. Do these chefs, all of whom are judges on Chopped, practice what they preach? Is their food every bit as creative, their execution every bit as perfect on a daily basis as they expect from the contestants they judge? There’s only one way to find out.
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Sure, You Can Cook – But Can You Write?

Other than polishing off an excellent meal, one of my favourite pastimes is digging into a good book. Lately I’ve been voraciously consuming food-related biographies and memoirs, finding in each a worthwhile story and a relatable love of food.
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Exclusive: A Preview of Valdez, Steve Gonzalez’s Highly Anticipated New Restaurant


The first thing that struck me most about Steve Gonzalez’s new restaurant Valdez is how little barrier there is between the staff area and the customer area.
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Kevin Brauch and his Thirsty Travels on Display at the Victory Cafe


If there’s anyone who feels at home at a bar, it’s Kevin Brauch. This month, the television host, actor, producer and writer is adding “artist” to his lengthy resumé by bringing parts of his own home and experiences to the walls of the Victory Café.
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All Aboard Richmond Station

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Richmond Station is going full steam ahead and those wise to the food scene should be jumping on the train immediately.

The restaurant is bigger than immediately obvious, its slight chef/co-owner Carl Heinrich having set the place up to be all business in the front, party in the back. Continue reading