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Big Slur: Celebrate California Wines on April 7th and 8th with these incredible events


Spring is always an exciting time in the Toronto food scene. Moods lift, patios open up, and our many seasonally-focused restaurants now have a full new set of fresh produce to play with. And as aways, great food needs great wine.

Enter the California Wine Fair: over 100 producers and suppliers blowing into town with the first wisps of warm spring air

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Gallery: Provisions Catering “Chef’s Charity Almanac Dinner”

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February 24, 2014: Held at Loft404, Provisions Catering brought together an all-star lineup of chefs for an intimate dining experience benefitting The Stop Community Food Centre. Additional event volunteers included service staff from Splendido, Woodlot and Bar Isabel.

Wet Your Whistle While You Work: The Gourmet Food and Wine Show

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This past weekend, a collection of local and exotic food and beverage vendors spent their days inside very small cubicles so that they could share their passion with thousands of people. The Gourmet Food and Wine Show floor was my entire existence for three days, as I was recruited to help at the Wine Academy booth.

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Double Life: Experiencing the Visa Infinite Dining Series from both sides of the table


This weekend brought to you by the Visa Infinite dining series.

I am an employee for Sunday’s brunch at Splendido, while on Monday I am a guest at the 10-course meal held at Buca in support of the University of Guelph’s honey bee research.

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Party Alert: Why you should be excited for BrOktoberfest this weekend


This Sunday, September 29, BrOktoberfest is back. The shindig is organized by Brock Shepherd, founder of Kensington Brewing Company, and hosted by everyone’s favourite drinking buddy, Kevin Brauch. There’ll be less traditional German fare in favour of Canadian craft beers, sausages by Cuban pop-up Completo and life-sized Jenga. In addition, BrOktoberfest will be your first opportunity to try KBCo’s new beer, Tilt, a sessionable beer that seamlessly attaches tropical flavours to the hops to make a balanced and unique brew.

It all sounds too good to be true, so I sent Brock a few questions to help me wrap my head around the concept of the event – and, of course, to get all the insider info on Tilt.
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Industry Society Night at Tromba’s Record Breaking Event

Toronto’s notable industry professionals are a great bunch who support, teach and learn from each other, and generally have a great time together. As it the nature of the beast, however, it’s hard to get more than a couple of them in the same room simultaneously. Tromba Tequila’s “World’s Largest Tequila Tasting” event on September 19 set more than the record they were aiming for – it also had the highest turnout of well-known hospitality pros in recent memory.
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The “Garbage” Water That Was Named The Best Bottled Water In The World


Would you pay $6 for a bottle of the best water in the world?

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Believe It Or Not, You Can Cellar That $14 Ontario Wine

Attending the iYellow Wine Club 54 Wines event on June 21, I had the opportunity to sample a rarity: aged Ontario wines. Namely, a 22-year-old red blend from Trius which won “best red wine in the world” at the International Wine and Spirits Competition in 1995, and a 20-year-old brut from Château des Charmes.
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The Cheese Boutique Festival of Chefs 2013


Cheese Boutique, a self-proclaimed “food museum” located at 45 Ripley Avenue, offers Toronto food enthusiasts one unique and rare experience after another. The opportunity to court the expertise of Afrim Pristine, the world’s youngest Maître Fromager. Access to their ceiling-high walls of imported goods unavailable anywhere else. Safe storage of your most valuable cheeses in their Cheese Vault. And, every Saturday and Sunday in the month of May, the opportunity for the general public to get up close and personal with some of the most notable Toronto chefs.
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An Edible Family Tree

A tasting menu is the ultimate opportunity for a chef to show off. Perhaps a daring flavour combination, a challenging ingredient or a technique too time consuming for the regular hustle and bustle of a busy restaurant.
For Claudio Aprile, the tasting menu event held at Origin Liberty on April 15th was both more grande and more meaningful than any one chef could have created on his own. Continue reading