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Drink Recipe: Piña Calypso


This is my favourite cocktail that I’ve created. It’s tropical, boozy, sweet, and interesting. You won’t be able to make it spontaneously, as creating a shrub takes about a week if you’re doing it properly. But a shrub is a great, versatile ingredient to have on your bar, and if you’re serious about mixology I recommend coming up with a couple of different flavours to play with. Every time I needed a drink to be brighter or more interesting, a bit of this pineapple shrub usually did the trick.
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Clear Eyes, Full Bellies: 2014 at Splendido

We’re officially into the new year and there are so many exciting changes going on at Splendido.

Now that Carlo has moved on and Chef Victory Barry is 100% in charge (and a new father!), we are working to make his vision for Splendido a reality. To further ourselves from being one of the city’s most respected restaurants to a world-class one, we’re trying out a tasting menu only format. A great idea since the reputation of the restaurant is long-standing and our guests trust us to cook for them. It’s the best way to give everyone the best experience possible, to wow even those who were just planning to try out a dish or two. Continue reading

Sea Buckthorn Margarita Recipe


One of the best parts of my job at Keriwa Café is getting to serve Chef Aaron Bear Robe’s food. I’m proud to present dishes that combine so many flavours to make unique, well-balanced and delicious meals. Aaron uses solely Canadian ingredients to express the terroir of our province and country. Ironically, that has meant I’ve often encountered foods at work that I’d never previously heard of. One standard Keriwa ingredient I’ve fallen in love with is the sea buckthorn berry. Continue reading

GwaiLo In The Know

Originally posted on my Tumblr

An elite group of Toronto bartenders are winning cash prizes and exotic trips and getting their photos printed in glossy magazines. So what do they know that you don’t?
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