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On changes, standards and not waiting for the right waiting job

It took a while, now I understand
Just where I’m going
I know the world and I know who I am
It’s ’bout time I show it

The last several months have been full of huge changes for me, professionally. I left Splendido, despite being asked to stay, in favour of being the General Manager at a new Jamaican-Chinese restaurant called Patois. A few weeks ago I chose to leave that position as well. I continue to try to find a professional home that fits me, that fits my standards in all respects Continue reading

Chimay Beer and Cheese Pairing Notes


I love Belgian beers. They’re delicious, rich, and high in alcohol. After a few elegant sips the drinker sinks into a thick, happy stupor.

I’m currently enrolled in the Introduction to Cheese course at George Brown College, as part of their Professional Fromager Certificate program. Moving into the fifth of six classes, I have to present a particular cheese to the class. Naturally, I gravitated toward Belgian cheeses, because I’m 1. awesome and 2. type A, meaning that I can’t wait to bring in beer to share with the class as part of the presentation. Getting buzzed in class to earn a better grade, it’s win-win.
Continue reading

Learning to love sushi and cooking at home

I dumped a guy once for taking me to sushi for my first time.

I was 19 and I hadn’t really worked on developing my palate yet. I wasn’t very into dating the guy, either, so when I put the first piece of sushi in my mouth and my body started freaking out like something was terribly wrong, it drove home that I had no desire to have either of those experiences ever again. I made up something about not wanting to date anyone when I went back to school and got on with my life, sushi-free.

Until recently, when I determined I had to get over my seaweed prejudice and sought out the best sushi in the city to cram into my face until my tastebuds accepted it. Continue reading